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A golf cart is a light vehicle used by 1-2 golfers around a golf course to reach a certain area faster with a relatively little effort around the golf course along with their golf clubs. In Florida, Georgia and Texas, there are more parked golf cars than other means of transportation particularly within the vicinities of golf clubs. Almost all cities in these states have local golf cart dealers. For contact numbers and address check out

It used to be that golf carts are only used in the golf courses. Today, golf carts are being used in commercial settings because of the convenience it provides to people who regularly needs to get to different areas around a large establishment. Golf carts are present in huge factories, manufacturing sites, sports complex, farms as well as universities.

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Types of golf carts

The original design of a gold cart is for two passengers. Since it was mainly used for transport around the golf course, the golfer and the assistant are supposedly the passengers of the golf cart. As commercial golf carts emerged in the market, many can already seat to as much 4-6 persons. Most carts are run electrically while some are powered by gasoline. Gasoline fueled carts are faster and long lasting than the electric carts. However they serve as pollutants and are more costly to maintain. They are used for commercial and recreational purposes. The electric carts are mostly used in playing golf.   Ingersoll Rand is the top producers of golf carts in the whole United States.
Golf carts for sale

Golf carts differ in prices. High end products cost to as much as $28000. Basic models of golf carts sells at around $2,000-$5,000 whole those with enhanced features range at about $8,000-$10,000. Online reviews claims that the best brands of golf carts are Club Car, EZ Go, Yamaha Drive Gas, Purchase of golf carts can be done through online shopping websites or through nearby golf cart stores. In buying a golf cart, it is best to be educated in the quality, design and functionalities of what is available in the market. Each brand of golf carts offers different features and use. Online shopping sites have limited types. A buyer should consider many options and determine the best golf cart that will attend to the requirements.

Used golf carts for sale

Many online shopping sites offer used golf carts for sale. There are basically two types of used golf carts that people can buy. The refurbished ones and carts in its original state. Refurbished golf carts are relatively safer to buy because they have credible warranty arrangements. Golf carts that are bought as is can be risky to buyers. It is definitely wise and practical to buy a used golf cart than new ones. It is important to make sure that there is a warranty agreement. This is important because a buyer might end up spending more than was actually paid for in repairs and maintenance. Used golf carts sell for a thousand dollars less than the brand new ones. Some can really get bargain prices especially if the seller wants to dispose of the golf cart immediately.

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